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Randall DeRose'  

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Randall is not only a creative songwriter from Michigan, he's a born entertainer. He believes in giving an audience 110% and something to remember after the show. He delivers powerful lead and rhythm guitar, along with deep, soulful vocals.

Todd Elder

Seasoned Percussionist, Todd Elder from Rochester, Michigan provides
                               the driving beat behind DeRose' Rock & Blues music.                                       No one hits 'em harder than Todd.

Gary Wilkinson

Top Bass, professional player from S.E. Michigan, Gary adds his passionate, distinctive, chest pounding sound wherever he goes. DeRose' Rock & Blues Band was honored to welcome this talented artist in 2021. Gary blended in    effortlessly to complete the Band. Welcome aboard Gary!

Kent Elder  


Residing in the great state of Texas, Kent Elder is Master of the Keys. He can tickle 'em easy, pound 'em hard or hit 'em in between. Kent completes DeRose' Rocks with his talented fingers creating the sexy sounds from the Keyboard.

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